.NET Interview Questions - OOPS

1. What is Class?

A class is a way to create your own custom types by grouping together variables of other types, methods and events. It is a data type which represents a blue print of objects. We can say it is a template of object. The variable remains in memory until all references to it go out of scope.

2. What is Object?

An object can be a variable, a data structure, or a function. In the OOPS which is class driven, object refers to a particular instance of a class where the object can be a combination of variables, functions etc. Everything that the software object knows (state/ variables) and can do (behavior/ methods) is expressed by the variables and methods within that object

3. What are feature of OOPS? 

  1. Objects: Objects are the basic unit of OOP. They are instances of class, which have data members and uses various member functions to perform tasks.More...